These Freak Shakes Will Bring All The Kids To The Yard

Australia took the world by storm when it came up with the concept of adding unconventional but no less yummy toppings to smoothies and milkshakes. Adults with a sweet tooth have already gotten a taste for this monster of a shake and now the kids can too. We are talking about freak shakes of course and it goes without saying that the stranger the combination, the more likely the kids will love it. Here is a roundup of six freak shakes your kids are guaranteed to love.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? From more conservative blends of dark and white chocolate, Nutella, sponge cake and toasted nuts to monstrous creations decked with salted caramel sweets and pretzels, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate based freak shake. Almost every freak shake in this category makes liberal use of Nutella, guaranteeing its popularity with the younger generation.

If your child is a little adventurous, they might like something a little different. Venture into the realm of glazed mini doughnuts, berry jams, vanilla-based ricotta and Belgian waffles. It might sound too strange to be true but the combinations play with the precarious balance of warm, familiar treats and new tastes that your child will appreciate.

For the little boy or girl who loves nothing more than to sink their teeth into all things crumbly, look for a version of the rocky road. With toasted nuts, wafers, tiny cracker animals and oodles of Oreos, the sharp contrast between the smooth shake and the crunchy toppings will have them over the moon. Of course, the sugar rush doesn’t have to stop with biscuits and nuts. Lollipops, hard candy and bits of honeyed bacon can add a versatile range of textures that young minds will love to ponder on.

Some children love the vibrancy of colours. Look for freak shakes that offer an interesting blend of colour and texture such as brightly coloured fairy floss, M&Ms or rainbow Skittles as well as cakes such as red velvet or chewy rainbow marshmallows. Add a heavy dose of sprinkles over a swirl of whipped cream and you have yourself a clear winner.

Not to be outdone by the stuff of young dreams, there are also healthier options for the children who really love their fruit. Exotic slices of mangos, plump frosted blueberries, barely-there litchis and sweet jackfruit are just the beginnings of what fruit freak shakes have to offer. There is always the option of adding the more eccentric freak shake toppings to the fruits to create some fascinating textures and tastes.

Finally, for the children who want to be just like mum or dad, give them a chance to develop a more sophisticated palate with more ‘adult’ flavours. Salted caramel, freshly crushed mint, shots of coffee, matcha green tea and even butterscotch cream make excellent alternatives to the overly sugary options. Not only do they cut back on the sugar without compromising on the craziness or the taste but they will also be fun to share with your kids, making it a great bonding experience.

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