Sweet Meets Spicy – Patissez Comes To India

Sweet Meets Spicy – Patissez Comes To India

The word Patissez evokes all manner of sinful culinary thoughts – dripping chocolate on unstable mounds of cakes and brownies, all day breakfasts, chewy toffees and of course large frosted glasses of milkshakes that seem to last forever. This food chain took the world by storm with the invention of the freakshake, a meal-shake that obliterated the boundaries of a thick shake and made it something of a four-course dessert. Their food and service have been lauded as one of the most customer-centric in the industry even when they are such a small and relatively new group. With their stunning success worldwide, Patissez has decided to expand to yet another location on the map – India.

It may come as a shock to many people, but India is as well-known for its sweet delicacies as it is for its spicy assortment of food, which Patissez has managed to observe and cash in. In fact, India is such a bountiful location for the industry that the company intends to open several branches in major metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore among others. Indian food lovers living in many Tier II cities will also be able to experience the magic of Patissez through franchisees at later dates.

The idea of bringing Patissez to India was based on the new-age transformation of the Indian catering network. Cafes and fast food restaurants/bars are quickly becoming a major hang out spots for younger generations. With many brands becoming a staple to the average teen’s regular schedule, it comes as no surprise that Patissez would want to be in action. While the adoring masses can expect Freak Shakes like the Fruity Freak, the Pretzella, and the Cheshire Cat as well as their assortment of all-day breakfast meals and Freak Burgers, it’s still a secret on whether there will be any regional food or special Indianised menu items up for grabs.

This Australian bistro is no stranger to hard work and in leaving its mark in the industry and on the minds of its customer. Each freakshake, burger, and breakfast have its own personality. It helps that there are several vegetarian options available so that no one misses out on the fun. In fact, knowing Patissez, they will continue to become bigger and better with each franchise and franchisee that comes under their reign. Currently, Patissez has over two dozen dishes a la carte, not counting the beverages section. With their keen understanding of their locality, there is always a chance of more items being added to the menu that will appeal to the local crowds.

  To India, Patissez could be  one of the forerunners in  revolutionizing traditional  tastes for the younger  generation.One can almost  taste the gently spiced iced  coffee milkshake; the  freakshake decked with Indian  milk sweets or an utterly amazing paneer patty freak burger with the perfect blend of spices. Patissez takes each expansion seriously and naturally, in a land of over a billion, Patissez success will be more prominent than ever.

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