Freakin’ Kidding Me! Freaky Brunches For Your Taste buds

Freakin’ Kidding Me! Freaky Brunches For Your Taste buds

The world is Freakin’ about Freakshakes these days. The generous amount of brownies, waffles and delicious marshmallows on milkshakes have generated interest among food lovers. If you have made a resolution to avoid sugar and eat healthy food, you can give it amiss when you sip on these mouth-watering shakes. The #freakshake sign has been the in-thing on Instagram for sometime now!

It’s Freaky yes, but not all are about shakes in Freakshake parlours! Though the exaggerated ingredients like pretzels, Nutella, salted caramel, chilled vanilla ice cream and others, keep you drooling for more, this is only part of the fun that your taste buds will cherish.

If you have skipped breakfast, and you want to avoid lunch, these lip-smacking freaky brunches will take you on a guilt trip.

Cream cheese pancake– This vegetarian dish consists of strawberries, maple syrup, vanilla essence and kosher salt in addition to the regular ingredients. The smooth butter and the juicy berries will leave you wanting for more.

Berries and oats– This gluten-free power food is rich in berries, white chocolate, sea salt and spices. Oats are soaked overnight and the ingredients are added to them. It keeps you full and you don’t have to worry about an elaborate lunch.

Nutty bread– If you enjoy gluten-free Paleo diet, this freaky brunch is ambrosia for hungry souls. It makes for a perfect snack when you are on the go. The energy packed in apples, carrots, raisins and cashews will leave you feeling full.

Cinnamon roll– English breakfast is incomplete without a cinnamon roll. Diced apples and caramel sauce is poured on top of cinnamon rolls that are made using nutmeg, corn flour and sugar. Bite into the succulent rolls and enjoy the taste that lingers on your palate.

Mini pancakes– Arrange a stack of pancakes and adorn them with a fruit of your choice. Sprinkle sugar or maple syrup on top and experience a slice of heaven in each bite.

French Toast– The classic French toast will never go out of fashion. Bread slices are dipped in a mixture of eggs, milk and cinnamon. Enjoy your brunch with maple syrup to make it Toast-worthy!.

Donuts– We love them don’t we?! Choose Traditional Donuts with a modern twist – especially those topped with sugar sprinkles and acorn bits.

Rolls– Relish delicious French rolls dipped in cinnamon and honey. Fruit stuffed rolls especially are delicious. Scores well on the health front as well!. Use honey or maple syrup on it and enjoy your Saturday brunch.

Waffles– Nothing beats waffles that have been topped with nuts, fruits and syrup. Just for fun, try sandwiching two waffles and adding cream in between – You would love the taste!

Muffins– Personalise those egg muffins with tomatoes, ham and cheese. Kids will love the taste of sun-dried tomatoes and the cheddar cheese adds to the creamy flavour. If you love sugar, ask for a sprinkle on top of the muffin and substitute the ham with fruits and nuts.

There goes our bucket list of brunches a.k.a. yummy treats! Enjoy the lip smacking party!

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