Freak Shakes – The Thought Process For Creating Edible, Drinkable Art

Freak Shakes – The Thought Process For Creating Edible, Drinkable Art

Freakshakes go by many names – Super Shakes, desserts you can drink or even the hilarious milkshake on steroids and calorie monsters. Our first Patissez café in Canberra made these famous on social media and the world hasn’t stopped craving them yet. For an oversized milkshake to be so loved in a world where the media perspective changes daily is something of an accomplishment for us. While a lot of thought goes into making each freakshake taste uniquely delicious, the success of the freakshake lies in three fundamental principles.

People resort to food for the good times and bad. Knowing this, the freakshake was created to be an embodiment of guilty pleasures – food snuck into your room after midnight when you’re studying for an exam, the cheat day cheesecake you eat during the middle of the week or the premium ice-cream your friend buys you when you’re feeling especially sad. People fall in love with the freak shakes because it reminded them of all the things that made them happy. There are so many ways of making a freakshake that there is bound to be one that will ease its way into your soul.

The wow factor lies in layering, blending and stacking a whole array of ingredients, some which may never seem to go together otherwise, into a single glass. Everything we put in a freakshake is made with love, and all our ingredients are sourced from high quality and ethical suppliers because it matters to you – and ultimately to us. Red velvet cake with bacon, candied citrus peelings with licorice, gummy bears and pecan nuts – the freakshake balances a precarious line to make things mouthwatering. The texture of each layer, the taste that hits your tongue with each bite, even the stickiness of the syrup running down the side of the glass that has you licking your fingers are part of what a freakshake is.

The final part of the appeal lies in the precarious balance of sweet and salt, of the multitude of colours that swirl together and blend to reveal yet another spectrum when inserting a spoon and in the utterly childlike colourful presentation. It isn’t only the combinations, the tastes and flavours that matter in a freak shake, but the fact that the very existence of the freakshake is to make people feel lighter, an oxymoron without a doubt. Freak shakes bring out your inner childlike wonder and take you to a place where you can eat cake after every meal and not count the calories.

To many people, freak shakes are unicorn food, made to look like the rainbow and taste like sunshine but a freakshake is not just a mountain of sweet desserts. The thought, love, and dedication that we pour into every freakshake give us as much pleasure as it does when handing it over to an excited customer. At Patissez, the art of creating the perfect freakshake exists only because there is someone out there who finds it the happiest thing in the world.

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