Freak Shake Food Pairings You Can’t Go Wrong With

Pairing food with your drink is nothing new – people do it all the time with wines and other alcoholic beverages. But pairing a meal with a drink that is as diverse and belt-loosening as a freak shake needs some serious thought. Not only do you have to take into account that your drink-dessert is something of a meal in itself, but you will also enjoy both the food and your drink more if you diversify your palate.

For example, say you have chosen a freak shake that is simply dripping with the gooey goodness of chocolate three ways with chunks of KitKats and an entire slice of brownie in there just for kicks, you will not want to order a slice of cake to go with it. Settle for something at the other end of the taste spectrum like a burger with gherkins so that the salty edge of the pickles and the heat from the meat will allow you to enjoy your freak shake all the more.

Conversely, if you are eating something sweet like a mouthwateringly soft cheesecake or a warm browning ripping with chocolate fudge, err towards a saltier freak shake. True, while no freak shake is 100% salty or spicy, the salty edge from ingredients like roasted peanuts, pecan, salted caramel or even bacon can help you savour both dishes equally. In fact, it can elevate each dishes taste, making the interaction even more special.

For those of us who want to experience the loving embrace of a freak shake but are wary of the amount of pressure it poses to finish the meal, a light salad either with or without meat along with a coffee or fruit-based freak shake is a safe bet. Indulge in the crisp freshness of vegetables, gently cooked meats and cubes of cheese tossed together in a light dressing while still being able to get your freak on with a caffeine-induced glass full of milkshake, almond slices and bits of toffee or the fresh touch of fruits tastefully enhanced with chunks of flavoured ice and ground nuts.

Your freak shake deserves respect and a freak shake at brunch is very respectable. Not only will it give you ample options for pairings but also because of the fact that there is nothing better than sharing a freak shake with friends in the heat of summer. Whether you order a rustic meat-based dish like pork shoulder and eggs or choose to stick to a sweet vegetarian dish, there is a freak shake pairing for it. Try a mint-based delight or a drink-dessert with a doughnut to complete the meal.

There are some of us who like to start our adventures early in the morning. Who says brekkie isn’t freak shake time. Pamper yourself with the warm fragrance of toasted coconuts, vanilla or cinnamon in a perfectly balanced bowl of breakfast porridge. Savour a traditional ham and eggs morning meal. Then wash it all down with a delightfully energizing tankard of pure indulgence. The choices are as endless as the type of toppings on every freak shakes – after all, the overall idea is to enjoy the experience as much as you enjoy the taste.

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