9 Creative Ways Of Presenting A Dessert

9 Creative Ways Of Presenting A Dessert

Often times, we enjoy food with our eyes. Presenting food is an art by itself and it is important to learn how to arrange food artistically and carefully on the plate. It makes a pleasing visual appeal and your senses train your mind to fall in love with the food even before you taste it.

Like food, Desserts too have their fair share of making a visual impact when presented perfect. Plated desserts are more than sprinkling the plate with an art work of chocolate sauce. Most of the chefs in restaurants take the initiative to plate desserts so it looks good as much as it tastes delicious. Here are few ideas for presenting desserts.

Use colour– Bring those desserts to life by adding a tinge of colour to them. Garnish a chocolate cake with berries; a monotone lemon tart looks appealing and lively when decorated with a violet flower and diced raspberry. The contrasting shades have created an impact on your senses, and you look forward to enjoying those desserts.

Mix textures– When the dessert plate is filled with different textures, it heightens the visual appeal of the dish and fills you with an anticipatory sense to relish those sweets. Pair a smooth dish like a pudding with crumbs of bread and soft marshmallows.

Painting as a metaphor – As unique as it might sound, imagine you have a blank canvas sheet in front of you. Put your grey cells into action by thinking of ways to decorate the canvas- or rather, the dessert plate. You can choose to focus on the candy in the center or you can add different elements along the sides.
For instance, place a scoop of butterscotch ice cream in the center of the plate. On either sides, add bits of nuts and chocolate or toss an artful chocolate sauce over the ice cream. There is no right or wrong way of coming up with ideas.

Assess the container– If you have plenty of garnishing and chocolate crumbs, serve the dessert on a large plate. You wouldn’t want the cherry to fall off when you use your fork to dig into the dessert. Similarly, if you intend to serve a creamy dessert with lots of syrup, use a round bowl.

Mix and match temperatures– This one has to be the best among the ones listed. Pair a slice of hot pie with a scoop of ice cream. It is indeed an art to combine temperatures, but the plating requires some careful thought. Avoid using a hot plate as the ice cream will melt quickly, making the other toppings soggy. Use a chilled plate when you want to serve cold desserts.

‘Center’ of attraction – Use an element in your dessert as the focal point and turn it into a showstopper. You can place a slice of candied banana in the center and allow the caramel sauce to drizzle from the sides. This arrangement adds an element of fascination to an otherwise plain setting.

Get dramatic– Use your imagination and get creative with the desserts. Place a cheese velvet cake in the center and deck it with pieces of strawberries. Make designs using caramel sauce along the sides and sprinkle crumbs of chocolate or coconut over them.
The colourful combination of fruits and cake enhances on the overall appeal. It is a creative way to have the last course greet its customers.

Leaning tower of cakes– We suggest that you avoid decking the plate with a pile of cakes. There is a strong probability of the cakes toppling over, ruining the entire presentation. If you are serving a slice of cake, lay them on its side and encircle with cream and berries.

Garnish carefully– Always bear in mind how the toppings will appear on the dessert plate. It is nice to see nuts on the plate, buy they can be difficult to eat using a dessert fork.

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